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Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to Choose a Super Power

Here's a question for ya: "If you could pick any super-power, what would you choose?"
     It occurred to me I didn't have an answer to that question myself, so I began to ponder it. All I could think of, though, were flying through the air, spinning spider webs, and heaving automobiles at the bad guys. None of these seemed particularly practical for my present position in life. Clearly, I needed to do a little research.
     Wikipedia offers a super-sized list of super powers, including the fictional super heroes and villains upon whom these powers have been bestowed. I couldn't believe the options, each with its own set of definite advantages. Decisions, decisions. Did I want a physical or a mental type of power? What about some type of energy manipulation or time travel abilities--how cool would that be? How about mental domination or mind control? That could come in really handy in my job at City Hall.
     Some of them are no-brainers. X-ray vision? No thanks. I don't need to know what goes on behind other people's walls or under their clothes.
     Super human intelligence? Got that one already and it's not all it's cracked up to be, especially since no one else acknowledges it.
     The ability to rise from the dead? Don't need that one, either. I already know someone who has that power and he's promised to do the same for me one day. (See John 11:25.)
     Breathing under water? Nope. These days I have a big enough challenge just breathing out of the water.
     Which leads to one intriguing possibility: "Accelerated Healing, the ability to recover quickly from any injury and even slow the aging process." Hmm.
     This leads to "Body Part Manipulation, the ability to replace one's limbs or body parts with those of another." This could really assist my hubby who has been getting along without his right arm since 1995. Of course, that would only work if I also had the power of "Power Bestowal" so I could grant him that power. This is rapidly getting downright complicated!
     And if I get to pick two, I should consider combining "Power Bestowal" with "Prehensile/Animated Hair, the ability to lengthen or animate one's hair." I could make my fortune charging bald guys big bucks to bestow this power upon them.
     Then there's "Matter Ingestion, the power to consume any sort of matter without any ill effects on the user." Well, that's sort of inviting, though I suspect even quantum vats of chocolate would lose their appeal after awhile.
     Hey, it's possible.
     In the end, I came up with one power not yet bestowed upon any fictional hero I know of. This power could truly change the course of life on this planet, and not just for the one on whom it's bestowed. It could put an end to crime, addictions, poverty, injustice, obesity, poor self esteem, gossip, and run-on sentences.
     Alas, I have already surpassed my word limit for this week. Guess this particular column will have to be a two-parter.
     To be continued...!

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  1. I got it ... I got it! The answer that is! (I'm working on getting the super power!)