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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Count Down Begins!

November 30
     I think it was 1985. I was a stay-at-home mom with a four year old and a two year old. Along with a bunch of other young moms, I attended what was then called "LIFT" (and has since evolved into "Daybreak") every Tuesday morning at Portage Alliance Church (which was then located at the corner of Lorne Ave. and 13th NW!). A bunch of us were making these advent calendars and I climbed aboard. I know there are several of them kicking around the country, perhaps one of them is yours.
     Looking at it now, I can only shake my head at the painstaking detail. Not content to merely glue on my numbers, I machine stitched around each one (after cutting them all out!) Each sequin is sown on by hand--up through the felt, through the sequin, through a tiny clear rocaille bead to hold it in place, back through the sequin, and finally back through the felt. Over and over and over.
     Each little ornament, once finished, gets stiffener ironed on to it before stitching Velcro to the back.
Here's how it looks by Christmas.
     Good grief! Where did I find time and energy for this? And, more importantly--why?
     I always said I was going to make two more identical ones so I could give one to each of my children as they left home. Never even started.
     So, here it hangs on our wall still. With some significant exceptions:
  • No one is arguing over whose turn it is to put up the ornament on any given day.
  • Nobody's trying to guess which ornament it will be.
  • Nobody's wondering which pocket has a little Christmas tree inside, indicating that's the day we'll put up our tree.
  • Nobody's doing the math, figuring out how he or she will put up the last ornament, the star at the top, on Christmas Eve.
     All of which, I suppose, gives a healthy hint as to the answer to my "why" question. I'm thinking it might be time to pass this tacky, 26-year old tradition on to the grandsons.
     Maybe next year.


  1. Aww! I like it!! I think it looks cute and look - not even one of those sequins is missing!! :)

  2. That is so cool we posted on the same thing today!

  3. The Driedger household has the exact same one...with all those same agruments attatched. For Christmas a few years ago, Sherilyn took the pattern to a friend and had 3 made so that each kid had one and the argument on who gets Mom's disappeared! Thanks for sharing. My kids are now starting to fight on who gets to put up the one today!

  4. I just put mine up, and let me add that I am much more mature now and even take turns with my roommate willingly. Look how I've grown! I talked to your girl today, and man am I ever fond of her. Love you lots Mrs. Todd : )

  5. Love you too, Rachelle! I'm so glad you and Mindy have maintained your friendship. I'm rather fond of her myself.

  6. So wonderful to read, Terrie! And would you have imagined all those years ago your son's girlfriend's mother and aunts had made the same. The kids used to work out a rotation and would put on the star together. I actually added today's myself; the first time I've done that.

  7. I have the same calendar, a little more shabby for wear. No one here is fighting for whose turn it is! I left the ornaments on the tree this year and put candies in the pockets. We are a few days behind in eating them! I even saw one in the Thrift store the other day. Sigh. Such love was put into that calendar, now it is available to the highest bidder.

  8. Well. Ours hangs in its usual place of honor again this Christmas. Now that all of our children have flown the nest the daily ornament adornment is mine. Our 3 children would also work out a rotation with the highlight being the final treetop ornament. Should it be the star or angel? This yearly debate was resolved by rotating - and as I gently put it away each season, the respective treetop ornament is always tucked into Dec. 24th. As our children return home at Christmas they each take turns seeking out their childhood advent calendar and adding an ornament or two - I love tradition!

  9. I hang still cherish and hang up mine every year.Also love tradition.A friend visiting from afar away also made one at LIFT but doesn't know where her's is.LOVE YOUR BLOB.....Dawn