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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Canadiana

National Film Board of Canada Vignettes
     I recently rediscovered an old CBC video on You Tube that played daily after school when my kids were small. Based on Wade Hemsworth’s song The Log Driver's Waltz, a young girl who loves to dance and is ready to marry chooses a log driver over his more well-to-do, land-loving competition. Driving logs down the river has made him the best dancing partner to be found. This lighthearted, animated tale starts out with actual black and white footage of men standing atop logs as they float down the river. It then morphs into a cute and colourful cartoon. The tune is so catchy and fun, I used to scoop up whichever child was handiest (or lightest) and waltz around the living room.
     When I posted the video on Facebook, I tagged my three kids thinking it might trigger fond memories, and it did. What I hadn’t predicted was how many other friends, both local and from across Canada, would respond. It seems everybody remembers and loves that clip.
     There were many good ones, weren’t there? Remember The Cat Came Back, The Big Snit, and The Black Fly Song? And for you Habs fans, there’s Roch Carrier’s telling of The Hockey Sweater. They’re all there. If you’re looking for some nostalgic Canadiana, check out You Tube and enjoy!

     Okay, I know this is old news too, but I never thought I’d see the day.
Good old Tim Horton’s. Good old CANADIAN Tim Horton’s. Good old, plain cup of affordable coffee Tim Horton’s. Has caved. Caved to the pressure of those fancy shmancy coffee stores with their macho-grande-latte-whipper-snapper-giganto-humungo-maximus-gluteus names for their cup sizes. The old small is now medium; no wait, it’s the other way around. Oh, who can remember? I ordered a medium and got a large. Now I have to remember to ask for a small. It’s insane, I tell you.
     But we all go along with it, like sheep to the slaughter.

Vacation Bible School
     My fondest summertime childhood memory, at least before I was old enough to go to camp, was the week of Vacation Bible School. Anybody besides me remember happily going off with Klik sandwiches in your lunchbox to hear Bible stories like Abraham and Isaac?  Doing the lessons in your own little book and singing songs like Deep and Wide? Playing games like Red Rover and Prisoner’s Base? Earning points for memorizing scripture verses, bringing a friend, or winning at Sword Drill? Crafting wonderments from plaster of Paris, old Christmas cards, and sparkle? And the highlight of the day, just before home time: listening wide-eyed to the continuing flannel graph missionary story that ended on a cliff hanger every day?
     I consider it God’s outrageous grace that brought people like Don and Donna Lee to my little hometown of Amaranth to bring VBS and so much more to my childhood. If you are, or ever have been, a VBS leader, you are my hero. Thank you for valuing the spiritual nurture of children. You made a difference.
     At least to this kid.

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