Prov 17:22

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Life without Chips

     I promised to keep you abreast of my naturopathic treatment journey, also known as my war against the evil MAC Lung disease and Bronchiectasis. You could call it a rollercoaster ride, although an actual rollercoaster might be more column-worthy.
     Dr. Lisa has me doing expected things like sticking to my exercises and my diet of fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, rice, oatmeal, and the homebrew I affectionately call my pond scum.
     And she has me doing unexpected things like keeping a gratitude journal and singing in the shower (the louder the better – I’m surprised the neighbours haven’t asked if I take requests).
     On the up side of this rollercoaster, I spent ten wonderful days in a row when I didn’t cough and felt energized for the first time in 16 months. On those days, I am convinced it’s totally worth every sacrifice.
     On the down side, each time the good doctor tries weaning me from her hydrotherapy treatments, my symptoms return and it becomes hard to stay positive. Honestly, in those times I feel the sacrifices outweigh the benefits.
     But each setback seems less severe than the one before. So two steps forward, one step back is progress, right?
     Down side, I crave bread. I do appreciate all the fresh fruit and veggies this time of year, but let’s face it: a toasted tomato sandwich just ain’t the same without toast. And the aromas wafting over to City Hall from The Grindstone each morning may prove my undoing.
     Up side, I’m not missing meat as much I expected.
     Down side, I don’t like going to the grocery store every third day because our fridge won’t hold all the green stuff we consume in a week.
     Up side, I’m in and out pretty fast what with skipping the meat, dairy, and bakery departments.
     Down side, my husband is not exactly eating up the new food plan. He adds chicken to his stir-fry, cheese to his salad, hamburger to his soup, butter to his corn on the cob, and chocolate chips to his fruit salad. In my presence.
     Up side, we are learning to work through conflict in a never-before challenged arena. I guess that’s good.
     Up side, I have not had a headache since starting the new food program. I used to average one a week and thought it normal. The Tylenol lasts much longer with only one of us needing it.
     Down side, I might bite my tongue clear off before I master the art of not getting preachy about food. Man, it’s hard!
     Up side, my clothes are getting baggy.
     Down side, my clothes are getting baggy.
     Up side, Dr. Lisa’s got me doing old-fashioned eucalyptus steams every morning and night which I love. It opens up the bronchioles and I can breathe deep and easy.
     Down side, this practice steals yet another 15 minutes out of my day. After a while, it’s easy to believe I do nothing but take care of ME.
     I’ve been warned I shouldn’t be taking these crazy risks with my health. Which is sort of laughable when I remember I’m in the hands of the One who placed his first people in a garden and who will ultimately raise my dead body from the grave.
     Dr. Lisa would be the first to say God is the one who heals—she is merely his little helper. Still, it’s nice to think I’m doing my part, too.
     I’m stickin’ with it.


  1. We (Laurie & I) are SOOOO proud of you!

    The father of the young man who used to fly with me battled daily migraine headaches. He took 8 Anacin a day to keep them at bay. When he finally decided to change his diet, he not only avoided quadruple bypass surgery, but reduced his Anacin consumption to 0. No more headaches. He's in great shape and very happy.

    We understand "getting preachy about food." We have to bite our tongues, too. It's almost like sharing the gospel. Even when folks know they need it, they don't want to hear it.

    Kudos to you, girl, for sticking with it.

    1. Thank you, Jim. I don't recall you ever mentioning food to me either at the conference or long-distance until I started on this path myself. So kudos to you, too. I would have written you off had you tried.