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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lessons on a Foggy Day

Photo by Gayle Loewen

I confess I’m a wimp when it comes to winter driving, especially at night. Being married to a professional driver has me spoiled. Last weekend, my chauffeur down with a cold, I missed out on seeing our son’s girlfriend in one of her final university-level dance recitals because I was too chicken to make the trip alone. I felt disappointed in myself for being such an old granny, but it didn’t seem worth the risk.

The next day, however, I ventured out on my own so as not to miss our grandson’s third birthday party while Grandpa remained home in bed. It’s only half an hour down the highway, but the intense fog made me determined to return home before dark.

It turned into an insightful trip when I discovered how much fog is like life.
In fog and in life:

#1. You can see only far enough to take the next step.
The fog hung so thick, I was nearly on top of road signs before I saw them. Though I desperately wished to see further down the road, I could not. Still, enough pavement always remained visible to keep me moving forward. 

In life, I often think I’d love to know how things are going to turn out. What will happen next year? Where will I be in five? When will I die and how?
But I don’t need to know those things today. I know what I need to know for the next tentative step of my journey, and that’s okay.

Photo by Gayle Loewen
#2. Just because conditions aren’t ideal doesn’t mean beauty cannot live there.
So intent was I on the road ahead, so concerned about my decreased visibility, I almost missed it. The fog had turned the trees into a glorious hoarfrost wonderland. Beauty surrounded me if only I took the time to notice.

Life is never so dark or dreary that beauty is not nearby, waiting quietly. Grief and splendor can co-exist. Trouble and loveliness can walk hand-in-hand. Life will never be perfect, in fact it is pretty much always difficult. But it will never be without some measure of beauty, either. Take time to look for it.

#3. Sometimes getting ahead means slowing down.
Cars passed me in the fog, even though I drove the maximum speed limit. What was their big hurry? If surprised by a deer or a stopped vehicle ahead, they’d have no chance. I held steady to my slower pace and arrived at my destination just fine.

We pack so much pressure and urgency into our days. Our Creator instructed us to rest one day in every seven because he knows what our bodies, minds, and spirits need. But even those of us who claim to follow him often fill our Sabbath day with activities not necessarily restful. Then we wonder why we’re weary, why our wheels only spin.

In life, sometimes getting ahead means not only slowing down, but sitting still.

Are you in a foggy time of life right now? Wish you could see more? Can’t find the beauty in it? Slow down. Look around. Be still. You’ll get there.

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