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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh, the Power!

Power Tools
Look out. I have a power tool and I don’t know how to use it.

We are in the process of moving, and with a 33-day overlap (which requires paying utility bills and mowing grass at two homes for a month, but let’s not think about that), I am learning all kinds of new skills. Pulling nails, screws, and anchors out of walls, crack filling, sanding, and painting have kept me almost too busy for column-writing. My friends Tim and Alison were kind enough to loan me their power sander and wow, does it ever do a nice job! Alison also rolled paint at our new digs for two afternoons before leaving on a well-deserved holiday. Now that she’s gone, it’s just me and the tools. This could get frightening.

Progress as of yesterday.
Power Renovations
My new home office includes a closet. I hatched this big fat idea to turn it into a little reading alcove with bookshelves, a padded bench, and some cozy lighting. If I had to tackle this project myself, I’d end up with two sets of badly-assembled metal utility shelves, a lawn chair, and a rusty trouble light hanging from its cord—not quite the comfy haven I dreamed of. Instead, I’ve hired Pat Hennan of Integrity Home Renewals. I’ll let you know how it turns out, but having seen one of the homes Pat recently renovated, I’m confident it will be a work of art. (No pressure, Pat.)

Power Shopping
Fabrics for the Book Nook
My friend Barb took me to Fabricland to choose fabrics for the aforementioned reading nook. The store is aptly named. I could spend all day in there gazing at the endless array of textiles in gorgeous colours and patterns. On the other hand, it’s pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to narrow your choices. Eventually, I made my selections and now look forward to a little sewing once Pat completes his magic. I’ve already received some good advice from my friend Noel Smith, upholsterer extraordinaire.

After the fabric store, Barb and I hit IKEA for lunch and a power walk-through. We didn’t buy anything, perhaps because we started at the wrong end and went through the whole store backwards. Not that we walked backwards. We were simply going against the flow, like the rebels we are. Given the slippery slope nature of crime, next thing you know we’ll be dealing drugs and robbing banks.

With fabric purchased, I could pick my paint colours. Cam McLean of Gallons Galore is a tremendous source of experience and helpful tips.

Power Cleaning
After we move, I’ll go back to the old house to clean so it’s all ready for the new owners. My generous sister Shanon offered to help. (Shanon’s the one I look like. In fact, I look more like Shanon than she does, but don’t let that confuse you.) Even my almost 82-year old mother has offered to pitch in. Maybe I’ll convince Mom to clean the oven, heh heh heh.

Power Friends
I don’t know how anyone manages a move without the help of friends and family. We’re not even moved in yet, and look at all the folks who have already loaned a hand or a word of advice. And when moving day gets here, I hope we’re able to recruit an army of muscle power to make it go quickly and smoothly. Even my boss, Jean-Marc, has already offered his.

Sometimes independence is highly overrated. Teamwork, however, is a powerful thing.

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