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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Evolution of a Book Nook

The book nook in my new office is done! The office was formerly a hair salon, and the closet alcove held a shampoo sink. When we took possession, the sink and plumbing fixtures had been removed and the pipes plugged. Too bad I didn't think to get a "before-before" picture.

I hired Pat Hennan of Integrity Home Renewal to turn it into a book nook. This one was taken after Pat got started on his shelf and bench creation:

Pat also wired it up with its own lighting, on a dimmer switch and everything! When he finished his magic, I painted it all (and the whole room) and made the cushions:

What looks like a drawer beneath is deceptive. The entire front lifts up, providing access to storage space

And the finishing touch, a photo on canvass (taken by Gayle Loewen) of some wild cranberry blossoms with my favorite Bible verse: "The Lord will accomplish what concerns me." Psalm 138:8.

I love it!

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