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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Friday, August 28, 2015

Baking Off a Storm, Part 1

It's here! Femfest Bake-Off Day has arrived!

10:00 am
Met with Cairn, Hope, and the other playwrights (two of them by Skype from Calgary and Vancouver) to get our three required ingredients. They are:

  • Yellow Submarine
  • Hysteria 
  • Red line

11:48 am
Home from Winnipeg and seated at my writing desk. Super thankful for the smooth journey, handy parking, no extra miles due to getting lost or confused or detoured. Great weather. I had my laptop along in case I decided to go to a coffee shop somewhere to write, but that would probably just be too distracting. Besides, there are more thunder storms in the forecast and I’d just as soon not be on the road when they come. Now to start writing. I’m tired and feeling the need for sleep, but I need to get at least something hammered out first.
12:02 pm
My “V” key is sticking on my keyboard. Oh no. Can’t have that! I take out a can of air and spray down the whole laptop. It helps, somewhat. I change the name of my main character from “Vicki” to “Doris” just in case.

1:05 pm
I have my characters established and 2.5 pages of dialogue written. Stopping for a toasted tomato sandwich and a bowl of sweet potato soup I whipped up yesterday so I wouldn’t have to cook today.

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