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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two Tricks and Two Very Nice Treats

Has your October been liberally sprinkled with surprises like mine? Thankfully, the treats outweigh the tricks by far.

A Nasty Trick
A follow-up visit to my lung doc confirmed that the three-drug cocktail I’ve been taking for the past year has not yet succeeded in evicting the persistent atypical bacteria called MAC from my lungs. Do you think I should consult a bug exterminator instead?

Best Treat Ever!
Photo Credit: Let There Be Light Photography
On October 7, I flew to Calgary where I spent a glorious 11 days with my daughter, son-in-law, and their brand new son, Linus (my sweet babboo). I’ve never been one of those infant-crazy people who needs to hold a baby, any baby, every chance they find. But when they’re your own, that’s something else, isn’t it? I couldn’t get my fill of snuggling that little peanut and it tore my heart out to say good-bye. He, of course, took it all in stride.

It’s not difficult to make yourself useful in a household with a newborn, so between cuddles I prepared meals, folded laundry, and cleaned things—and still consider it one of the best vacations ever! I felt so blessed to observe Linus’s newborn photo shoot in progress, attend a baby shower at his mommy’s workplace, and hold him through his first church service.

And for my next trick...
Descending the stairs at my daughter’s house carrying a laundry basket in one hand and a ceramic cereal bowl in the other, my feet suddenly slipped. I felt my priceless, antique tailbone go “thunk-thunk-thunk-thunk-thunk” and heard the bowl shatter on the floor below.

“Mom?” I could hear the panic in Mindy’s voice, but needed to think hard before my tongue could respond.

“I’m OK,” I moaned. And I was, for the most part. The chiropractor who checked me over that afternoon agreed I’d done a number on myself. But no breaks or fractures—only scrapes, bruises, and humiliation. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I wasn’t carrying the baby!

Another Special Treat
While in Calgary, I received word that Portage la Prairie’s City Council had nominated me for the Chamber of Commerce “Arts/Cultural Person of the Year” award and that two complimentary gala tickets awaited me back home.

Huh? Whatever for? I wondered. Oh well. I knew I wouldn’t win. “Always the bridesmaid” seems to have become my theme for anything the least bit competitive in recent years. But I thanked Council for the nomination, and Jon and I looked forward to a fancy dinner.

Lo and behold.

When it came time for the Arts/Cultural award, MC Preston Meier started reading a list of achievements that sounded suspiciously like some of my own shenanigans of the past 25 years. I began to sweat. Not so much about not having a speech prepared, but about whether I’d trip up the stairs at the front of the stage in my spikey high-heels.

If I had prepared an acceptance speech, I might have told the citizens of Portage la Prairie how truly blessed I feel to live in this community. How thankful I am for those who have mentored and encouraged me along my journey, and what a privilege it is to give back with the abilities God has granted. He gifted each of us uniquely, and there is no higher calling than to serve him and others in collaboration and harmony, bringing his kingdom a little closer to earth each time we do. I would have said thank you, Portage, for being the kind of community that is worth the investment of one’s life and art. God bless you!

I didn’t say all that. But at least I didn’t fall down.

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