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Thursday, February 11, 2016

When God Shows Off

If she had asked me to come up with a title for her photography exhibit at the Portage District Arts Centre, I might have suggested “When God Shows Off.” 

It’s probably a good thing she didn’t ask me.

But looking at Gayle Loewen’s photos, that’s exactly the impression I’m left with. There are moments in time
Photo credit: Margaret Warner (with Gayle's camera!) 
when God shows off his power and artistry, simply because he can and because he loves us. Most of us miss those moments. A few have learned to pay attention and embrace the wondrous longing that blossoms in our hearts when the beautiful and the temporal come together. Fewer still have learned to capture those moments in stunning photographic images. Gayle is one of those, and Wonder and Majesty is a completely fitting title for this exhibit.

Whether it’s the majesty of aurora borealis on a Manitoba night in September, a glorious sunset painted with colours we can’t even name, the wonder of a delicate, minuscule snowflake resting on the tip of a tree branch, or the elegant simplicity of a tulip interpreted in dramatic black and white—all of these and more are offered in Gayle’s show. My reoccurring thought as I studied each one was, “I wish I had been there.”

Gayle has always had a flare for photography. For years, she was an incredible Creative Memories consultant and instructor who taught her clients by example to “tell the story,” knowing how photos alone can leave future generations with little to go on. Through study and experience, her flare has developed into a full-fledged passion and profession. Gayle is one of only 18 photographers on the planet accepted into a photography course currently being prototyped by an instructor from Australia.

What she couldn’t have guessed was that her first lesson would involve giving flight to fledgling dreams. 

“The introductory assignment,” she says, “was to list six goals. I thoughtfully wrote down some things I want to accomplish in the next several months. We were encouraged to dream and think long term as well. I hesitated to write down something I held in my heart. I wasn’t sure it was a ‘legitimate’ goal. But with a leap of faith, I put down ‘have an exhibit in an art gallery.’ (How could I be so bold?)

“Well, not 36 hours after typing and submitting that audacious goal, I received a message that led to putting this together for display in the PDAC board room.”

Gayle then had only ten days to prepare—to choose from thousands of excellent pictures (also an outstanding portrait photographer, Gayle simplified her selection by eliminating people pictures for this show), have them printed, buy frames, frame them, decide on pricing, create descriptor cards for each, and hang them! With a full-time job and several evening commitments, it seemed impossible. But Gayle says the rush kept her from overthinking everything, and her supportive husband, Barry, and daughters, Alison and Veronica, all pitched in to make it happen.

Gayle’s great desire, she says, is always: to capture moments that celebrate life, to affirm the value of people, to share the wonder of creation, and to inspire joy every day.

Let her artistry inspire a little joy in your life. Stop by the Portage District Arts Centre and check out this board room exhibit, 11 – 2nd St. NE, open Monday through Saturday (closed Saturday on long weekends), 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Gayle’s work will remain on display through March 19 and admission is free. Don’t forget to sign the guest book!


  1. Congratulations, Gayle, so happy for you to be able to live some of your dreams. Food luck with your show.

  2. Kudos to Terrie for using your platform as a writer to launch other people's dreams. I sold quite a few books to people who read your column, and this column will no doubt give Gayle's dream a kick-start in the community. More kudos to Gayle for dreaming big and then accomplishing your dream. Thanks for capturing so many stunning examples of God's best work!