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Monday, June 5, 2017

40 Adventures for 40 Years, Part 7: Finding God at the Circus

Summer’s here, when the farmer in my husband comes out to play—er, work—and we have barely seen each other for three weeks, let alone conquering anything on our list of forty. But yesterday we did something that is currently holding the record as my favorite and merits a blog post all its own. Sure beats that jigsaw puzzle still on our dining table at any rate.

#7 See Cirque du Soleil.

Because I’ve always wanted to go, I placed this on the list early in our list-creating process, not knowing whether there’d even be a cirque coming to Manitoba this year. I was thrilled when in January, tickets went on sale for the steampunk-themed show called Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities in Winnipeg. It premiered in Montreal three years ago and is still going strong. I booked our tickets immediately.

If you’ve been to any Cirque du Soleil show, you know how mind-blowing it is and how much it makes you want to run away to join the circus. And if you haven’t seen one, there’s not a lot of point in my trying to describe it for you. For a little taste of this one, you can watch a great little You Tube video here. 

No words adequately describe what you’ll see when you go, but here’s a few that flitted around in my head as I watched:

Beauty. Grace. Wonder. Strength. Balance. Agility. Crazy Creativity. Skill. Courage. Team work. Brilliance. All words that apply to God.

Wait, what? God? At a circus?

Oh, yes. You might not expect to find God there, but he was everywhere I turned. And here’s why. I can’t be a witness to that kind of outstanding, dazzling creativity and not be convinced yet again that humans are created in the image of an amazing artist.

It’s like this. Look around the room you’re sitting in right now. What do you see? Furniture? Technology? Art? Correct me if I’m wrong, but each and every thing you see was created by someone, yes? You probably don’t know who, and you likely don’t stop to think about how smart that person is or how they’ve added to your life, but I’m pretty sure you acknowledge that a designer exists and that they came up with something good.

Now tell me, what is the most complex thing in the room?

If you answered “computer” or any other man-made object, you’re wrong. You are the most complex thing in the room. You, and other people, will always be the answer to that question, in any room you ever enter. I am the most complicated creation in my room at the moment. How can I imagine I don’t have a creator?

And so when the spell-binding Cirque du Soliel performers mesmerize me with their displays of what the human mind and body can achieve, I have no choice but to look to the one who made them. Who made me. Who looks on his marvelous creation with a smile and says, “It is good.”

Kurios will be in Winnipeg through July 9 and you can order your tickets here. Two things you need to know in advance: onsite parking costs $15 and you should allow at least an extra 30-40 minutes before and after the show for getting parked and getting out. Some folks parked at IKEA and walked over—not a bad plan. Also, the tent is air conditioned and even if it’s hot outside, you might want a sweater or jacket. I did.

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