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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Thursday, May 5, 2011

But This Wasn't How I Planned It

Well, that was interesting.
     I needed to go to the library today to reimburse LaDenna for the cost of sending my exam back to the university earlier this week. It was such a gorgeous day, I thought about walking but wasn't sure I wanted to use that much time for such a simple errand. When Jon came home for lunch, he suggested I catch a ride back uptown with him and then walk home. So I did.
     I decided to stop at the florist to get a thank-you flower for LaDenna, then walked to the library only to find out she was away but would be returning. So, I found a Lynn Austin book I hadn't read yet and made myself comfortable.
     Half an hour later when I checked back at the counter, LaDenna had returned. But by the time we finished our exchange, it was pouring outside! Now what?
     I don't usually do this well when my little agendas get messed up, but there are far worse places to be stranded than the library. So I surrendered to it and sat back down with my novel. I was beginning to think a hot cup of tea would make things perfect.
     Half an hour later, the rain let up and I started off, hopping over puddles. By the time I finished my banking and post office errands, the sun was out again. It stayed out, warm and bright, the entire walk home along our gorgeous lakeside walking path.
     The whole thing took longer than it would have had I walked both ways. However, had I walked both ways...or had LaDenna been there when I first arrived...or had I not thought to stop for the flower...I surely would have been caught in the downpour on my walk home.
     So there you have it. I got my exercise, LaDenna got her money and a flower, and I got home safe and dry with a wonderful novel I hadn't planned to pick up. The name of the book? A Light to My Path.

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