Prov 17:22

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Heard You

Thank You to those who prayed for me yesterday! As I wrote the Municipal Law exam, I became aware of God's nudges, bringing to mind things I had studied but would never have recalled on my own. I'm just not that smart. And being able to sit in a room all alone (as opposed to a classroom full of test-takers) is awesome for someone like me who finds it helpful to read the questions aloud and talk to myself. Pretty sure I passed. Thanks to LaDenna at our local library for invigilating.

Then I was off to McKenzie United Church where 47 teachers and retired teachers from around the province were assembled for their annual sorority conference. I got there early enough to enjoy the musicians scheduled to perform after lunch, a male/female duet with vocals, piano and guitar. Folksy, easy kind of music from the Beatles and some Canadian composers as well. One song they did was Hawksley Workman's "You're Safe and Sound with Me," and I smiled at the repeating hook line, choosing to take the song as Jesus singing those words to me and calming my nerves before I got up to speak. Safe and Sound.

The audience was great. I didn't have to whack anyone with a ruler. They listened, they laughed in most of the right places, and I saw quite a few wiping tears away too. I appreciate teachers more than I can say and will write about that one day soon.

In the evening, Jon and I went on a weird date, taking both vehicles because only one of us wanted to see the play. We had a delicious supper at Sticky Bill's, then parted ways. By then the storm was in full force, but the show must go on and the Prairie Players did a remarkable job presenting David's Mother to an impressively-sized audience given the weather. Well done, everyone!

Not being able to get into the driver's side door of my car because it was iced up, having to scrape ice and snow off the windshield, sliding around on the drive home, and then getting stuck in the drifts in our driveway were the perfect ending to my big day. Home safe and sound.

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