Prov 17:22

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Friday, February 17, 2012

De Jour List for February 17 at Writing for the Soul conference, Denver, CO

Tears of the Day: Sammy Tippet’s talk on “Five Reasons for Suffering.” (The first and most important? “I don’t know.”)
Challenge of the Day: To read one classic a month for five years - from Visual Imagery instructor and Hollywood screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi. (I’m considering it.)
Lesson of the Day: Learning the “Snowflake” method of novel plotting from Randy Ingermanson.
Quote of the Day: “Difficulties and setbacks are inconsequential to people of destiny.” – Dr. Dennis Hensley in his talk on what life is all about.
Business of the Day: My appointments with agents Blythe Daniel and Terry Burns. The first took my only printed copies of my manuscript and proposal; the latter wants me to email my proposal.
Encouragement of the Day: When agent Blythe Daniel told me she was moved to tears to see how happy Jim and I were over Peter’s victory at the big announcement.
Moment of the Day: praying with an extremely nervous lady named Trish while we both awaited our appointments (and being thankful for my acting/public speaking experience!)
Thanksgiving of the Day: my lungs are doing just fine.
Toast of the Day: “Champagne to our real friends and real pain to our sham friends.” – International Punster of the Year Richard Lederer.
Musical treat of the Day: exquisite piano playing by 10-time Carnegie Hall pianist Randy Atcheson. Even better than Schroeder.
Prayer Request of the Day: for a decent sleep tonight.
Mother of the Day: Norma Klassen. The best 80-year old trooper ever.
Honour of the Day: Lunch at Jerry Jenkins' table


  1. Its been quite the ride for you! Wow! So, are these 'your people?' The ones you want to write like and hobnob with at conventions? It seems the winners circle was very inclusive and supportive. That's neat. Hope you find a good agent. Nita