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Saturday, February 18, 2012

De Jour List for Saturday at Writing for the Soul Conference

Mom gave a copy of her book to our new friend, Edina, from Florida

Thanksgiving of the Day: slept so good last night Mom had to shake me awake 15 minutes after our alarm had gone off! (No, I’m not deaf – I was using ear plugs.)
Talk of Day: Barbara Nicolosi on “Where Have All the Heroes Gone?”  Oh. My. Goodness. SO good.
Me and Kim Peterson
Meeting of the Day: Finally getting to meet and have lunch with Kim Peterson, my mentor through my current course and also my first course last year.
Lesson of the Day: Learning visual imagery from the most AMAZING and high energy, animated instructor Dennis Hensley. If you read Leslie Holden’s romance novels… you’ll be interested to know that’s a pen name. Doc Hensley is a former marine, present university prof and writes a lot of other stuff under his real name. Guess they figure nobody would read a romance written by someone named Dennis.
Quote of the Day: “Success with God at its centre is not a goal; it is a daily process.” (Augustine said this; Davis Bunn applied it in his talk this morning.)
Business of the Day: An appointment with agent Rachel Kent and her invitation to send my proposal.
Temptation of the Day: To send off my proposal immediately upon request rather than waiting until I get home and can take time to ensure it meets their individual requirements. RESIST!
Goof of the Day: showing up at my 10:45 appointment at 9:45, then having to scramble to get to the right person. Being late for anything here is considered really bad form.
Affirmation of the Day: Attending a workshop led by Todd Starnes of FOX News and learning I’m doing some things right with my newspaper column!
Musical treat of the Day: singing “Revive Us Again” with the whole group, but changing it to “Revise Us Again.”  Works on so many levels, especially in this crowd.
Moment of the Day: seeing Mom laugh so hard the tears were running down her face at Todd Starnes’ hilarious after dinner talk tonight.
Prayer Request of the Day: for a safe flight home tomorrow!

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  1. Great day today at the conference. I'd have to go with Davis Bunn's speech as talk of the day; but Barbara Nicolosi did a tremendous job on heroes.