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Saturday, February 16, 2013

De Jour List, Day Three at Writing for the Soul

Best line of the day: “I’d rather be boiled alive in yak fat.” –Steven James
Temptation of the day: the quiche and the various offerings of pastries, bagels, and coffees at breakfast. (While there was plenty of fruit to fill my plate and tummy, when you’re paying for it all, you just want to eat it all.)
Wish of the day: I wish I didn’t need to use the little free time I have to sleep. There’s so much to explore here, but so little opportunity. It's so exhausting, I don't know why. Shortage of oxygen?
Treat of the day: soaking up a few moments of warm sunshine on what feels like a nice spring day.
Lessons of the day: learning fiction writing from Deborah Raney and hearing about her own writing journey.
Appointment of the day: with Steve Barclift at Kregel Publications, who wants to see my complete manuscript and proposal.
Humbling moment of the day: Walking confidently away from that appointment and straight into the ladies’ room where the mirror revealed one of the hanging straps from my dress had been sprawled across my throat the entire time.
Puzzle of the day: the hallway leading to my room is lined with photos of famous people who have stayed here over the years. Not sure why they haven’t got around to putting mine up yet.
Encouragement of the day: hearing Steven James read samples of his many rejection letters.
Precious moment of the day: praying with my buddy Pete before we said good-bye. He’s leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning to get to Boise and back to work Monday morning.
Biggest take-home message of the day: Do. Not. Quit.
Prayer request of the day: for safe travels home tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.

Having failed to take any photos of people or the gorgeous outdoors today, here's a couple more from inside my corner of The Broadmoor:
One of the many lounges. That fireplace is enormous, yet is dwarfed by the size of this room.

Same room, different angle.

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  1. Kregel is a good house, too! Glad you are having a great conference.