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Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Women Want

It’s just around the corner, guys. And I know it’s all you can think about.

Over coffee break one day, I took a highly scientific survey among my female co-workers about what they appreciate (and don’t) in the way of Valentine’s Day expressions from their significant others.Most of us agreed, the only really bad gift is no gift at all. Second to that would be a vacuum cleaner, or pretty much anything with an electrical cord.

You might be surprised to know that several of us agreed flowers are too cliché. I chuckled at that one, because I’ve often told my husband I’d much rather receive a single daisy on a nothing day, “just because,” than a dozen roses on Valentines or our anniversary. Too predictable. Too little thought required. Although, if you do send flowers, most women agree they love to receive them at work where their co-workers can admire them.

Some ladies want chocolates, others not. Likewise with lingerie. This is where it’s important to know your sweetheart, guys. If it might be interpreted as a gift to yourself, skip it.

Jewelry was an agreed-upon favorite. Mushy cards, going out for supper (or better yet, having him cook for her) placed right up there, too. One gal loves receiving art pieces from Bryson’s Gifts.

The bottom line isn’t really that complicated, guys. Women want:

  • To feel beautiful. That’s why jewelry or perfume work.
  • To feel cherished for who they are, not just for all they do. That’s why kitchen appliances don’t work.
  • To know you thought about them ahead of time. That’s why the last wilted rose purchased at closing time will never go down in history as your most brilliant idea.
  • To be known. If she cares deeply about fair trade, she will not appreciate a box of chocolates or a package of specialty coffees that are not.
  • To enjoy a break from routine responsibilities. That’s why most women enjoy eating out.
  • To be surprised. A bouquet of red roses on February 14th is only a surprise if you’ve never done it before.
  • To feel a little spoiled. This could look like anything from breakfast in bed or brushing the snow off her car and starting it, to a day at the spa. One thing is certain; showering your lady with gifts never hurts. When it comes to romance, there’s no such thing as erring on the side of too much.

One of the most treasured gifts I ever received from my husband was in 2006. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet was teaming up with Winnipeg’s Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Choir to perform Handel’s Messiah. Jon surprised me with tickets for the two of us. This was not an event he’d want to attend for himself, but he knew I’d love it, making it all the more special. Plus, planning it and purchasing the tickets without my knowledge eliminated any guilt I might feel about the cost. And it truly was a magical performance. I was moved to tears before the curtain was even all the way up, and the program cover still hangs on my bulletin board at home.

If you think about what your partner would really like (even if it seems silly to you), plan ahead, and toss in an element of surprise, you can’t go wrong. And you’re receiving these tips a week early, so you’re really without excuse now. No need to thank me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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