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Friday, March 10, 2017

40 Adventures for 40 Years - Part 1

Hubby and I will be marking our fortieth anniversary in 2017, which is a miracle on so many levels—not the least of which is the fact that only a few years ago, the only people who got to celebrate fortieth anniversaries were old. Now, even kids like us are doing it. I think it has something to do with the weird time warp that happened when we flipped to a new century. And they thought Y2K was a non-event.

Anyway, we decided we’d spend the whole year celebrating with a list of 40 activities to do together—some big, most little, a few crazy. Some definitely outside our comfort zone. In no particular order.

And of course, I’ll take my readers along for the ride. Vicariously, I mean.

So here we are, more than two months into this fortieth year and we’ve only checked off two things. Unless you count Item #40, which is “Kiss in 40 Places Outside the House,” followed by 40 blank lines, ten of which have been filled in. We’ve kissed in the CanadaInn parking lot, Stride Place, the airport, our son’s house, outside our bank, on the sidewalk on Garry Street in Winnipeg, the McNally Robinson parking lot, Grant Park theatre, the Pony Corral restaurant, and behind City Hall. So we’re on track with the kissing thing even if Hubs isn't a fan of public displays of affection. We’ll have to step it up a notch in order to cover the remainder of the list.

Item #39, “Do a Jigsaw Puzzle,” has not been checked off yet, but it was begun last Christmas Eve and is still in progress—much to my annoyance—on our dining table.  Jon has done the lion’s share since I have the attention span of a Chihuahua when it comes to puzzles.

Item #1 was accomplished on February 12, although it was a bit of a cheat, since it wasn’t actually on the original list. The mayor offered me two free tickets to the Men’s Provincial Curling Championship—any game. We hadn’t watched live curling in years, or curling at this level ever, and thought it would be fun to do something different. We added it to our list in place of something we were pretty sure we couldn’t pull off.

And it was fun. It’s mind-boggling how the curlers can get so expert at a sport that comes with so many crazy variables. We chose the final draw and got to watch Mike McEwen lead his team to the championship win. Although I gotta confess, it might have been more interesting to watch the one where a temper tantrum taught a player a tough lesson.


Item #37. We’ve also crossed off “Eat at Nuburger” and declared their burgers the best ever! There are three locations in Winnipeg; we went to the one in Osborne Village. Formerly known as “Unburger,” they changed their name when people assumed they were vegetarian only. I’d have drawn the same conclusion. (They do have vegetarian options, but their beef, chicken, and bison are locally raised.) Hubs had the “Deliciousmosttastious Bacon Cheddar” and I had the “Delicious ‘n Tasty Cheddar” on fantastic multi-grain bread. We brought home a menu and will definitely want to return to try some of their other combinations. Fantastic!

Stay tuned for more anniversary adventures throughout 2017.

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  1. That's a great idea (which I'm sure was yours and not your husband's). My husband and I could do that, mainly becasue we've only been married ten years. Of course, we might have to count the two of us eating a 9 x 11 applesauce spice cake in three days.