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Saturday, March 25, 2017

40 Adventures for 40 Years, Part 2

Our lives haven’t exactly been a whirlwind of activity since my last report, although we’ve added four places to our kissing list: church (after the service, not during); my sister Shanon’s house (with an audience of extended family); the sidewalk outside the Learning Centre where Jon works (where one of the students happened to be walking by and was no doubt grossed out); and the back seat of our friends Shaun and Tracy’s car. They were completely scandalized.

Besides adding to our kissing exploits, we’ve checked off just one item from our list of forty things to celebrate our fortieth year of marriage. We did it together with Shaun and Tracy, which is how we ended up in their car.

It was Item #4: “See The Shack.” I had added it to our list as soon as I heard the movie was coming out, knowing we’d want to see it. We first read the book in 2008 and heard its author, William Paul Young, speak at a Breakforth conference in 2009. I enjoyed the book well enough. But Jon found it transformative and re-read it and listened to it numerous times in the intervening years. And yes, I’m quite aware there’s much controversy about the author’s theology and whether or not the book and movie are heretical. I am not here to argue and will refuse to engage if invited. It’s fiction, okay? Love it or hate it, but take it as an engaging story and don’t make it your new Bible.

The four of us discussed the movie over crepes afterwards and on the hour-long ride home. We agreed it was well done, well cast, filled with hope, and true to the book. My favorite part is when Jesus is trying to coax Mac to get out of the boat, and Mac is afraid. He's seen scary things in the water.

“You are imagining a future without me in it,” Jesus says. “Such a thing does not exist.”

That’s exactly it, isn’t it? Every time we’re worried or afraid or simply cannot face another day, we are imagining a future without Jesus in it. And such a thing does not exist.

When I look back over my life, every moment—from the best to the most rotten—he’s been there. Even when I doubted his presence. So why should I think there will be any moments or days or tragedies in my future where Jesus will not be there to see me through? How I need this reminder!

Stay tuned for more anniversary adventures throughout 2017.

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