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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Win a Free Book!

If you
  • ARE a grandmother
  • HAVE a grandmother
  • ever HAD a grandmother
  • ever hope to BE a grandmother, or
  • KNOW a grandmother, 
you will enjoy the stories in this book. (Mine is on page 55). To get your name in the FREE DRAW (to be made Thursday, March 10 at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time), tell me your grandmother's maiden name, either by commenting below, or on my Facebook link, or by email. If you live far away, that's ok - I'll mail it to ya. Good luck!


  1. My grandmother on my Dad's side was Jenshus.
    My grandmother on my Mom's side I have no idea - she died when my mom was only 8.
    - Barb Knott

  2. My grandmother's maiden name was Macauley..May she Rest in Peace, she left this world on March 2 2011, she is with Grandpa now.

  3. My Grandmother on my dads side was Hydrochuck and on my mothers side was Cave. May both Rest In Peace <3 If we win this book, my girls are going to give it to their grandmother for mothers day :)

    - Connie Blair.

  4. Paternal Grandmother - Troop
    Maternal Grandmother - Nicholson

  5. My late grandmothers maiden name is "Daniels"...hope I win lol

  6. My grandmothers maiden names were Weibe and Friesen. I'm about as Mennonite as it gets!!LOL
    And if I win this book my kids grandmother with the maiden name was Boldt will get this book! :)

    -Erika Driedger

  7. my grandmother's maiden name is Crocker, and Servello.

    My mama is about to become a grandparent in September!!! and her maiden name is Mackenzie!

    Shauna Elford

  8. Grandma Todd's maiden name was Siebrasse

    Grandma McCamly's maiden name was Pearson

    Posed by Rona Todd Boettcher

  9. Grandma's maiden name was Martens
    Grandmother's maiden name was Thiessen

    Norma Marshall

  10. Grandma Klassen's maiden name was Elias
    Grandma Wiebe's maiden name was also Elias (dun dun dun)

    My mom, who is soon to be a 1st time Grandma (and pretty gosh darn pumped about it) was a Wiebe.
    Shane's mom who will be our little ones other grandma was a Karol.

  11. Thanks for playing, everyone! Congratulations to the winner, Erika Driedger.