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Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Won't Believe It's the Same Kitchen!

After 19 months in this rented house (which I otherwise adore) and still not finding my groove in the kitchen, Jon and I took matters into our own three hands and remodeled. Yes, in a day. Well, technically about nine days if you count waiting for my kitchen cart to come in at our local Rona store. We assembled it in about half an hour. Voila! I now have more work surface AND more storage space. I can move it around to wherever it might be handiest for the task at hand, and we can take it with us when we leave. All for fifty bucks.

We are geniuses. Seriously thinking of getting into the boxed furniture assembly business. We could call it "Third Hand." Get it?

I love my cart. I love my hubby. Now I just need to dream up a new excuse for not cooking.


AFTER (I KNOW, right? Amazing!)


  1. what an amazing transformation, never seen anything quite like it, lol

  2. Can't believe you did this is all by yourselves and in one day.....Truly Amazing! You SHOULD go into business.
    Karen & Harv

  3. It really pulls the kitchen together. Larry Weselake

  4. Wow! Now I can hire you to redo my kitchen. It's amazing. Better than any home renovation show I've seen on TV.
    Barb Knott

  5. Shaunalee Kaufman IDDP (Interior Design Decorating Professional)
    Home Design With Shauna
    Okay well this did make me laugh! You are way too cute, but very wise. This, yes, you can take with you, very economical decision and gives you extra storage.
    There is your review from an interior designer.
    :) Love ya Aunty

  6. I've got 3 of those, and I've never realized how grateful I ought to be. I've had the kitchen redone 3 times!