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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evening Gowns and Babies and oh yes, my Lungs...

OK, for the hordes worldwide who are waiting breathlessly for updates on my health (oh wait, I'm the breathless one, never mind), here it is. There's not much to tell, but safe to say I will not be dying any time soon. At least not from this. I'm still as subject to car accidents and drive-by shootings as everyone else, I presume.
       Saw Dr. Taraska this morning who says there are at least a couple of things going on. I have nodules on both lungs and scarring in the lungs and bronchial tubes. There is also evidence of "brochiectasis" which if I understood correctly, is destruction in the lungs caused by infection. This (I presume) is good news because if I currently have an infection, then a good dose of the right anti-biotic (I presume) would fix me up good as new. I presume. Although whatever long-term damage is there probably can't be remedied, I don't know.
     I didn't get to ask all that because I didn't realize I'd seen the last of him when he sent me for a breathing test where this bubbly girl named Sherry had me breathe through a tube. She was a regular cheerleader, having me inhale to full capacity and then push the air out in one big huff and keep pushing for 5 or 8 seconds while she hollered "GO-GO-GO-GO-GO-GO!!" Twice. Then she gave me some puffs from a puffer and had me do it all over again. Twice. Each time set off a coughing fit, but I presume Sherry is pretty used to that.
     ANYWAY! So now he wants to do a bronchoscopy (this is the test where they put a tube down your throat into your lungs, gag) and the good news is they can get me in on Friday morning. So I have to be at Seven Oaks Hospital at 9:30 am. He said they'll give me something to put me in la-la-land (how this will be different from my norm, I'm not certain). And I'll have to wait around for four hours afterward! Then I see the doc again July 4. So... not much more to tell, but at least things are finally moving along. And I'm thankful for a hubby who is a gracious chauffeur and for a job that provides sick benefits.

In other news, THIS is where I'd much rather be tonight, all dressed up in an evening gown and hobnobbing with editors and publishers and authors: The Canadian Christian Writing Awards Gala in Mississauga, Ontario! J.I. Packer will be receiving a lifetime career award. I remember reading his book Knowing God when I was in high school! The man must be like, a hundred! I will find out late tonight or tomorrow whether my script, Once More with Passion, won an award.

And in really BIG news! Nate and Dara found out the gender of their baby today! Let's just say this Grandma won't be crocheting anything pink anytime soon. That will teach me to presume. I'm almost over it already.

It's been a big day and I'm pooped from all the presuming and stuff. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Well good, than, that your blog will continue... and Congratulations 'blue' Granny! Looking forward to the blog that'll inform us about the big win.