Prov 17:22

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Wonderful Kick in the Bum

     I'd been sitting on my novel, waiting to hear back from editors I may never hear from. I've been lazy and distracted by health issues (more on that tomorrow) when I should be querying publishers and agents at the rate of two or three a week. Even one a week would be an improvement!
     I tend to harp on the importance of encouraging others (and could do a lot better at practicing what I preach, I know). But today I got a glorious reminder of its value.
      Last week I'd given a copy of my manuscript to friend Karen who had been waiting to read it. Karen is a writer herself and a discerning reader. While I welcomed her feedback, I was also a little nervous. What if she hated it?
     I need not have been. Last night she emailed me the most meaningful, thoughtful, and encouraging feedback I've received. Because she lives with Parkinson's Disease, Karen has to wait for medications to alternately wear off or kick in before she can read or type. Knowing she expended her limited resources to write me a lengthy email after reading my book under these conditions made me want to weep.
     And apparently, it motivated me to get off my butt with this book. Karen's closing sentence was, "This book deserves to be published. I am praying for it!"
     Might be a challenge even for God to answer that prayer if I don't do my bit.
     Today I submitted query letters to two publishing houses and three literary agencies. That's a lot for a day's work, and since I was out all morning, I didn't get started until 2:00 pm!
     Thank you, Karen! Bet you didn't know you were kicking my butt in the nicest sort of way. That's what friends do for each other sometimes. And you didn't even charge me a dollar.


  1. Thank you, Terrie for your endorsement of my new place in the world as butt kicker extraordinaire! Your bill is in the mail.